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Ecozoom Stove Plancha Review

Ecozoom Stove Plancha Review

Having heard quite a lot of praise of Ecozoom Stove Plancha from an acquaintance, I finally decided to give this proclaimed ‘masterpiece’ a try myself while searching for a decent stove for my limited cooking needs.

Here I will provide you with a brief overview and my experience with this one-of-a-kind stove, hoping that you will make the right decision – as I did – and take a step towards revolutionizing your cooking experience altogether!

I assure you, once you get your hands on this one, you will start loving and enjoying cooking all the way.

Happy reading!

The Plancha stove is the latest product produced by the Ecozoom Company.

They incorporate their already renowned core technology of their previous products into a new double cooker that is not only much safer than your average cooker but relies on 60% less fuel and cooks just as well.

This stove can work perfectly in smaller homes, outside kitchens, back gardens and cabins.

I have been using mine in the back garden so I do not have to be stuck inside cooking on those really nice days.

What makes this particular cooker perfect for my personal use is the fact is has two chambers rather than one.

I am often cooking for multiple people, so having more than one cooking surface is fairly vital.

We do the best we can with our videos but we are not professionals…. so be kind.

Setting it up.

When it came to setting the stove up, I was really surprised at how easy it was.

There were some clear instructions included and once it was all out of the box, it only took about 10-15.

It is worth mentioning that if you are planning to use this stove inside, you must have somewhere for the stove pipe to vent the smoke outside.

The stove comes with 8 feet of stove pipe with different two extra elbow pieces to make venting outdoors easier.

Another attraction that I really have to this stove is the simple point that you do not need any gas or electricity.

It heats up to 800 degrees and can cook just as easily if not better than your regular kitchen appliance.

It is much cheaper using wood or charcoal, and both provide are a healthier option for the environment which I try to look out for whenever I can.

As I mentioned earlier, you need on average 60% less fuel and this stove will emit around 70% less smoke compared to a three stone fire.

I have mainly been using newspaper and kindling when cooking, but on the occasion I have used charcoal as well.

I find it a bit quicker to get up and running using wood and paper, because you just set some paper in the base, lay some wood on top and then just light the paper and within minutes you have a neat fire emitting plenty of heat.

Once the fire is started, I generally found that I could start cooking on it within about 5 minutes.

I must warn people that you need to remember that if you want this to be at normal standing height once its set up then you will need to have some kind of stand or base in order for it to sit on top of.

It can sit on anything really because none of the fire or heat will come into any worrying contact with it, so I just got a large wooden storage box for it to sit on top of.



Now coming to the technical specifications, Ecozoom Stove Plancha weighs a mere 87lbs, having an 8-foot chimney made of stainless steel, together with an end cap and a protective fence around it.

The entire stove is 22 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 12 inches in height.

The upper door measures 4-1/2 inches in width, and 2-3/8 inches in height. The lower door, on the other hand, is 2-3/8 inches wide and 1-3/8 inches tall.

Ecozoom Plancha comes with a 22×18 cast iron plancha (griddle) for even distribution of heat.

Along with that, it is also accompanied by two removable tops on plancha that allow you to directly access the flame.

You will also get the necessary tools and equipment with the package to remove these tops whenever required.

Moving on, Ecozoom Plancha is equipped with two ceramic combustion chambers with refractory metal lining, as well as two grates inside for the purpose of holding both wood and charcoal simultaneously.

The two reinforced metal doors on each chamber serve to secure these chambers while cooking.

It also has a separate compartment that you can use to dry wood, and comes with two Stick support for enhanced user experience.

The body of the stove is made of sheet metal, with PLASTCOAT paint on the surface.



When it came down to actually cooking some food, I was thoroughly impressed and actually quite surprised at how well it performed.

The first time I used it, I was making a fry up for myself and two friends.

I used one of the burners to fry the sausage and eggs, and then the other to heat up some beans and chopped tomatoes.

One aspect I really like is that you can remove the plate that stops the flame from being exposed.

I found that removing it provided much more heat in a quicker fashion and helped crisp up the bacon nicely.

But in terms of just heating up the beans, I left the plate on because they only needed to be heated rather than cooked.

This multiple functionality is something you don’t often see with cookers, but it worked really well.

The cooking time for the meal was in total about 15-20 minutes once the fire was alive; and this seemed fairly normal in comparison to cooking with my inside cooker.

Another factor that Ecozoom mention is that the heat of the whole stove actually remains quite low, which is done to help reduce the potential of burning yourself by accident.

This is a feature that I can also confirm stood up to its specification.

I could place my palm flat on the side of one of the chambers and leave it there for a couple of seconds before it got too hot.

This is due to the refractory metal lining that protects the insulation and life of the stove.

Obviously, just be sure not to place your hand on the actual cooking plate!


General usage

What I find so appealing about the Plancha stove is just its pure simplicity that’s been adapted in a smart way.

When you start the fire, there is no worrying about it going out and having to restart it because the air flow is so controlled and the combustion rate is extremely high.

In comparison to an open fire, you don’t have to keep poking around to keep it alight, and if you use charcoal then you’re guaranteed to have a really long lasting fire.

The hinge doors are easy to open and close so when you want to add/remove kindling/paper/charcoal, it is nice and simple to do so.

One point I would have to say against this stove is that personally I would not want to risk using it inside.

This perception would change from person to person, but if you are using kindling then there is every chance that a piece of wood that is sticking out could slip of the feeding tray and start a fire.

Clearly with full attention this would not be a problem, but I would not be taking that risk.

Also, you need to make sure that you have an area cut in the roof or wall for the smoke to vent outside.

Apart from that, it also has hinged combustion chamber doors with which you can easily switch between charcoal and wood fuels, depending on requirement and availability.

It is much safer than your average cooker but relies on 60% less fuel and cooks just as well.

These combustion chamber doors, along with the damper doors possess reinforced metal frames as well as hinges that allow for secure closure of the doors and regulation of airflow.

The heavy cast iron griddle of Ecozoom Plancha serves to ensure that the food is cooked and heated evenly as well as it maintains food temperature for quite a while, even after it has been cooked.

Another good feature that I came across while using this stove was that its exterior remains cooler as compared to other stoves I have used in the past, making it quite easy to handle.

Now, I do not have to worry about getting my hands burnt by the hot surface, which is often a major problem is most stoves.

Apart from that, it is also quite durable with a thick, sturdy built to keep you and the cooking surface around you safe.

Accompanied by flame baffles on the underside, the cast iron griddle prevents the flames from escaping the chimney, along with ensuring adequate heating of the top surface.

Coming to its exterior and appearance, Ecozoom Stove Plancha is a treat for your eyes, and a perfect addition to your kitchen appliances.

Whether you decide to place it in your kitchen, den or your backyard, this one is sure to catch your visitors’ eyes with its sleek design and sturdy built, leaving a lasting impression upon them.


Environmental advantages

As mentioned, when possible I like to keep the health of the environment in mind and this cooker certainly prevails in this area.

Before I ordered the stove I read some information on how it helps the environment and this definitely swayed me in the direction of purchasing it.

In terms of co2 emissions, it can save up to and more than 3.5 tonnes being emitted per stove over a year.

This is a massive amount and if everyone swapped over to these alternatives we would certainly see positive changes to the environment around us.

The Plancha also burns materials much more efficiently due to its enclosed design which circulates air flow in a more controlled way in comparison to an open fire.

This means a stronger fire, while using a lesser amount of materials; which is not only saving me plenty of money, but helping reduce the amount of deforestation across the world.

Final word.

All in all, I find it very difficult to find anything negative to say about the stove.

It is ideal for outside cooking, and team it up with a barbecue and you are looking at some pretty tasty banquets for yourself and others.

For those people that own small cabins and are without gas or electricity, then I cannot see any other option that beats the Ecozoom product.

It is efficient, cheaper, and safer and by purchasing it you are doing your bit to help the environment.

As I said, I am not overly convinced about using it inside, but this is entirely down to personal preference.

It is designed to be able to be sued inside, so as long as you are careful and pay attention then there should not be a problem.

I found it to cook almost as efficiently as your regular indoor cooker, and considering its using much less resources, there really cannot be any complains.

I definitely have found this a worthwhile investment, and for those looking to save money over time, this is perfect.

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EcoZoom Plancha Stove – Wood, Biomass, or Charcoal

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