Edible Flowers: 2 Part Series on Their Flavor – Delicate, Peppery, Tart or Sweet

Eat The Weeds website shares a two part series on the different uses,

“Which flowers come to grace your dinner table for food is a result of preference, taste, and opportunity” is a really great quote from the article.

Wild food foragers can come a across a field of wild flowers and see a side salad along with dinner that evening.

So much food is overlooked in the world because people are unfamiliar with the fact they are edible. It seems almost a crime with so many in the world going to bed hungry each night.  If only Television programs could help people learn how feed themselves from nature.  The Homestead Survival (us) keeps featuring articles hoping people will embrace the concept.



Spanish Needles,

Arugula – (every part of the plant is a peppery treat… leaves, flower petals and seed)

Squash – (zucchini, pumpkins, calabashes, acorn, spaghetti squash and more)


Bee Balm




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