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Eerie Tour Inside An Abandoned Homestead

This eerie tour inside an abandoned homestead that was left untouched for over 30 years has become a time capsule in Ontario Canada. This is not some grand palace, it was the home of a hardworking homesteading family that long ago wandered away.

Our homes speak a lot about who we are and what we have done with our lives. It shows in the decorations upon the walls to the appliances within the kitchen. We can show the world what mattered to us the most from the books we cherished to the people we loved. It’s amazing what our homes can say about us to others, especially when we have come and gone.

Whether we’ve moved or have passed on, part of us stays within our homes, preserving us through the wallpaper or paint upon the walls to the flooring among other aspects we’ve added over the years.

Eerie Tour Inside An Abandoned Homestead

Picture frames of those we have loved and photos of times gone by can grace our homes. It is amazing what one may think when seeing a home on the outside, never really knowing what can be found within.

It’s the same with the home you will find below. The outside has aged with time, taking some turns for the worse as the bricks and wood age and even decay in some parts; however, when you look on the inside, it’s like time stood still. With possessions still inside and the interior in great shape, it just shows us that no matter what time can do to us and all that our home, or even us, go through, we can persevere through it. The home below still shows all the wonderful touches from a time that may be gone, but also a time that will not be forgotten.

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Eerie Tour Inside An Abandoned Homestead

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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