Natural RemediesEliminate Strong Body Odors with Essential Oils & Home Remedies

Eliminate Strong Body Odors with Essential Oils & Home Remedies

How to Eliminate Strong Body Odors with Essential Oils and Home Remedies are loaded with natural ingredients to reduce body odor caused by hormonal imbalance, aging, diet, gender, health, and medications taken.

Eliminate Strong Body Odors with Essential Oils & Home Remedies - The Homestead Survival - Body Smell

To tackle body odor, you have to stop the problem at its source. If antiperspirants (which block sweat glands) and deodorants (which neutralize or mask odors) don’t do the trick or you prefer a natural approach.

Personal hygiene is one of the things that many people take for granted and usually will simply walk into the store and pick up whatever smells good on the shelf. For the most part this works, however, if you are on a budget and concerned about what you put on or in your body. For those looking for an alternative, this article is for you, it offers ways to make all-natural preparations for removing or preventing body odor.

Body odor is most likely to occur in the following places:





pubic hair and other hair

belly button


behind the ears

the rest of the skin, to a lesser extent

Lime Tree Blossoms tea  (delicately fragrant) stimulates the excretion of waste products from the body, which may in turn make sweat less repulsive. Your skin, breathe and even urine with smell better.

Tea Tree Oil , Lavender  , Pine  , and Peppermint  – kills bacteria

Citrus fruits such as “Lemons, Limes, Grapefruits” change the pH level of your skin, making it more acidic. All bacteria, including odor-causing kinds, have a hard time surviving in a highly acidic environment. Just rub on some citrus fruit juice and pat dry.

Watch what you eat…. Do Not Eat – Fish, Cumin, Curry and Garlic. Do Eat – Spinach, Chard and Kale. Leafy green vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, which has a powerful deodorizing effect. You can buy chlorophyll tablets too.


Baking Soda, Arrowroot or Cornstarch powder both absorb moisture, so dust it on under your sweaty parts.

Antibacterial surgical scrubs, such as Hibiscrub  or Betadine  are used to clean patients before surgery. These soaps continue to kill bacteria even after you have finished washing.

Gently wipe on Vinegar or Witch Hazel onto your armpits to reduce the number of odor causing bacteria. It really works.

This article was created by the author who was looking to share their knowledge of homemade remedies.

This article is filled with suggestions for making preparations that can be used to prevent or eliminate annoying body odor.

Each of the suggestions includes a complete list of all of the ingredients and includes a preparation guide.

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