Emergency PreparednessEmergency Candle from Water Oil Frugal Project

Emergency Candle from Water Oil Frugal Project

This Emergency Candle from Water Oil Frugal Project can be whipped up in minutes to create a light source with just a few key ingredients and materials. It is easier than you can picture. A source of light during a power outage tends to bring feelings of calmness to the family and even pets.

Emergency Candle from Water Oil Frugal Project

The Emergency Candle project includes a detailed description of all of the necessary items and an equally detailed step by step instructional guide that helps cover everything from start to finish.



Cooking Oil

Mason Jar

Waxed wick
One Wick Tab (or you can use a dab of hot glue from your glue gun)

The waxed wick must match the diameter of your mason — this is very important. If the wick is too small for the width of the container, your wick will drown in about an hour.

Homemade crafts make for really good DIY projects and the items that you are able to make will make perfect household items or gifts for close family or friends. The best part of most DIY projects they are generally really easy to use.

The author of this Do It Yourself project was looking to make it really easy for everyone to be able to make one of the water oil candles in a pinch.

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