Disaster RealityHow to Get Emergency Power from a Phone Line

How to Get Emergency Power from a Phone Line

This simple tutorial of how to get emergency power from a phone line can be a life saver in a disaster that can result in being able to call loved ones or rescue services. The do it yourself project will show you in a few short steps how you can use one of your homes phone jacks to recharge your cellphone in an emergency.
How to Get Emergency Power from a Phone Line

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One of the biggest fears that many cellphone users have is that their battery is dead when they need to make an important phone call. So, knowing that there are a number of ways that you can recharge the battery of your cellphone would be very valuable. One of those ways is to use any unused landline phone jack in your home. It can be used to provide the necessary power to recharge any cellphone battery.

While the land line phone operates on a much smaller amount of power, the information inside this project will help you make an adapter circuit which will make it possible to charge your phone.

Benefits of reading the How to Get Emergency Power from a Phone Line DIY Project

● Never have to worry about making a call from your cellphone

● The project includes a complete list of all of the necessary materials, supplies and tools

● It also includes a complete, easy to read and follow step by step instruction guide

● Has a few full color photos that depict some of the stages of construction

A reader may ask “Does this work if you don’t have a land phone service but it is not an activated outlet in your residence? The answer is ” Yes, it should still work because there should still be power for emergency calls.

Your phone line sends a little bit of power through it, and even in blackouts it continues to work. Even if you don’t have phone service, you’ll sometimes (but not always) have a little bit of a charge coming through.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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