Emergency PreparednessEmergency Preparedness 72 Hour Food Vehicle Kit

Emergency Preparedness 72 Hour Food Vehicle Kit

No matter what part of the country you live in, it is important to always be prepared. If you are out and about in your car and something happens, you would rather be able to have food to help you stay nourished for however long you are out there. Even if you do not use it because you were stuck in your car, but perhaps you needed to evacuate your home. If so, you will have food to last 72 hours.

One of the best ways of making sure your survival food is fresh is to pack it in a large, unused cooler and keep it stored in the trunk or even your garage. By packing it in a cooler, you are able to keep the heat out when it gets really warm in the summer months, and it will keep the food from freezing in the winter months.

Having a cooler survival kit full of food with you can help if you need it. To prepare your survival cooler, you want to use non perishable, pre-packed food. This will guarantee they will last a while and you do not have to worry about something going bad. Some things that you might consider packing inside could be; protein or cereal bars, unopened packages of crackers, peanut butter, chocolate bars, some canned meals (like soup or stew), or basically any type of high calorie food that can easily be packed and can fit in the designated size cooler you bought.

It is also smart to perhaps pack a small bag, or even a small box full of other essential items you would need in an evacuation or emergency. Things like; matches, glow sticks, toothbrushes, personal hygiene wipes, a blanket, and any other small items you think you could use. This will help you cover not only the food basis, but other much needed items to get your through an emergency.

Don’t be caught unprepared and in potential danger. If you make sure to make yourself one of the best food survival kits you can, you will be able to protect yourself and anyone else that could be there with you. You won’t need to be scared of running out of food right away if you pack smart. The cooler full of food can be store in your trunk or the garage, out of the way, until you need to use it, and hopefully you won’t need to. Start protecting yourself now, and don’t wait too long, you never know when you will need it.

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Emergency Preparedness 72 Hour Food Vehicle Kit
Emergency Preparedness 72 Hour Food Vehicle Kit

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Emergency Preparedness 72 Hour Food Vehicle Kit

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