Emergency PreparednessEmergency Preparedness Altoids Tin Survival Kit

Emergency Preparedness Altoids Tin Survival Kit

This simple tutorial details how to build a emergency preparedness altoids tin survival kit.

Are you one of those adventure seekers who is always away traveling outdoors? Or are you a new enthusiast seeking help to survive out there in the unknown? Facing unexpected circumstances is a part and parcel of the traveling world.

Emergency Preparedness Altoids Tin Survival Kit

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As an adventurer you should expect the unexpected and be prepared for it.

A must have while you are out adventuring is a survival kit that contains all essentials without taking up much space. A survival kit made out of Altoids tin is the perfect fit as it is light, tiny and portable.

Altoids survival kits can carry your essentials and keep it intact and save them from being damaged or crushed. It can be carried almost anywhere from under the seat of a motor vehicle to your pocket.

Your essentials may not be necessarily big things. It may contain a plastic poncho for sheltering you while you sleep under a pile of leaves or a rock overhanging. A fire lighter, plastic bags to preserve

Items You May Choose To Add:

Fishing kit with line, hook, and sinkers.

3 x Large Elastoplast band-aids.

Band- aids (flexible fabric)

Hand wipes

Brass snare wire

Medical Tape

Button Compass

Fire Steel

Safety Pins

Folding Knife



Water Purification Pills

Duct Tape

Cotton Ball

1 needle

Small Spool of Thread

1 Razer Blade

5 feet dental floss

12 small rubber bands

Small Neosporin Packet

Bic Lighter

water, fishing line to help you get food, band-aids for cuts and scratches, LED flashlight and other essentials can be easily fitted into the Altoids survival kit.

If you are planning on a trip anytime soon, consider acquiring a survival kit made of altoids tin. They are durable and can sustain any kinds of rough journey and still be good for the next trip.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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