Emergency Purifying Water with Food Saver Bags

Emergency Purifying Water with Food Saver Bags

See how to go about emergency purifying water with food save bags. It is a process call sodis which is solar disinfection and will help kill bacteria and pathogens in the water.

It won’t remove chemicals but it will make most water safe to drink in an emergency.If you are ever in a situation where you need to purify some possibly questionable water this would work.

The key to survival in the wilderness for any length of time is to secure a safe source of drinking water, without it you would not last longer than a few days. Fortunately, there ways to purify water by killing virtually all of the potential bacteria that could be lurking in it.

The video contains very valuable information designed to help the viewer learn how to purify potentially unsafe drinking water using ultraviolet light. It might be a good idea to have some food saver bags on hand and or in your go bags just to be safe.

Emergency Purifying Water with Food Saver Bags

This great info for purifying water in an emergency is from, Red Dog Fabrication. The video goes into great detail of the water purification method that only uses a single object. The demonstration is presented really well and very easy to follow.

Benefits of watching the video Survival Tips: Emergency Purifying Water with Food Saver Bags

Discover an extremely effective method for purifying water using ultraviolet light from the sun.
This powerful survival tool can be used to create a large amount of purified water.

The presenter in the video goes into great detail explaining how using a clear plastic food saver bag.
The video is the perfect medium to be used for conveying this valuable survival information.