Emergency PreparednessHow To Make an Emergency Sanitation Porta Potty Toilet

How To Make an Emergency Sanitation Porta Potty Toilet

This how to make and emergency sanitation porta potty toilet is simple and inexpensive way to deal with body waste functions during a disaster when the water service to your home has been interrupted.

Materials needed:

  • 1  – pool flotation noodle (Found at the 99 cent store)

  • 1  – 5 gallon bucket (Home Depot – 2.78)

  • 1  – white tall kitchen bag (scented ones would be a bonus for this use)

  • 1 –  roll of toilet paper


Slit the pool noodle halfway through the whole length of the pool noodle.

Place a tall white kitchen bag over the rim of the 5 gallon bucket.

Place the pool noodle along the top of the 5 gallon bucket securing the tall white kitchen trash bag in place.

Firmly pull one side of metal handle on the 5 gallon bucket off, thread a roll of toilet paper onto the metal handle and replace back into the handle base notch.

Puget Sound Preppers came up with this great idea, bless them for it.

With simple modifications, this could be an excellent camping porta potty toilet as well.

Cut off the bottom of the 5 gallon bucket and do not use a tall white kitchen trash bag.

Dig a shallow hole, use bucket for peronal body waste needs, remove bucket and fill dirt back in hole covering waste. This adds more stability for elderly and small children, instead of squatting. Personally as a woman, I am so tired of accidentally peeing on my foot after waking up and crawling out of my tent at the crack of dawn. (True story – I am not a morning person)

Puget Sound Preppers

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Melissa Francis
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