Emergency PreparednessEmergency Supplies 5 Gallon Bucket Kit Project

Emergency Supplies 5 Gallon Bucket Kit Project

This Emergency Supplies 5 Gallon Bucket Kit Project is a great way to have your bug out ecavation supplies stored in your garage or in your car trunk. The actual bucket can be a tool in itself.

Emergency Supplies 5 Gallon Bucket Kit Project

I have always thought that a five gallon bucket with emergency supplies would be such a wonderful gift for family and friends who are like minded.

In the event of a natural disaster (especially now with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma), people should now be prepared for anything that can happen and have it handy. This is a special kit that can be made at home using a large five gallon bucket to have everything in one place when disaster strikes. It should have a bit of everything for any storm – hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or blizzards – and be carried anywhere necessary. This is DIY because we know what’s in it and what to do in any scenario. Plus, the things placed inside should be made to what is necessary for each person and it is a money-saver compared to premade kits.

So, what should be in the EMERGENCY SUPPLY KIT:



Can/bottle Opener





Waterproof Matches

Powerful Flashlight

Bottled Water



Water filter straws

Calorie bars

Bottle of Whiskey


Duct Tape

Emergency Mylar Foil blankets


Wood burning portable stove (Kelly Kettle)

Torch lighter

Ziplock bags

Garbage Bags

Portable water filtration unit and extra filter

Packaged Non-Perishable Food

Then, there should be a FIRST-AID KIT:

Basic First Aid Book

Homeopathic Medicine Book & Medicines

Book Medicinal Plants & Herbs – (identifying and how to use them)

Activated Charcoal – for food posioning or drug overdoses

Benedryl for an allergic reaction

Iodine tablets for radiation exposure


Irrigation Syringe

Sterile Water

Stapler and Staples and Staple Remover (skin closures)

Surgical Glue

Pressure Wrap

Breathable Tape


Bandaids – all sizes and quite a few

Ace bandages w/ closures – various sizes

Sterile Sutures and Needles – for stitching up larger wounds (found mine on ebay, various sizes)

Quikclot or Celox, help to get wounds to stop bleeding and scab over quicker.

Cotton Q Tips

Safety Pins

Alcohol Prep Pads

Latex Gloves

CPR Mask

Breathable Orthopedic Casting Tape

Splinting Padding

Sanitary pads – Good for massive blood wounds

Epsom Salts – for minor skin infections and constipation

Tampons for gun shots

Colloidial silver

Glucose packs

Tea Tree Oil

Rubbing Alcohol

Field Surgical Kit

Sterile Gauze – all sizes


Raw Honey for healing wounds

Turmeric Powder, stops bleeding and makes cuts heal faster

Aspirin for suspected heart attack

Roll of duct tape

Various sized splints


Vodka – Cleans

Bone saw

Eye pads

Saline Solution

Eye wash cup

Butterfly Closures

Arm sling

Steri Strips

Hinged Knee Brace

Razor Knife

Suture Staple Kit

Gel Pads for Burns

Lollipops – kids and Diabetics

Head Strap Flashlight and batteries (spare)… in case you need to help with First Aid in the dark

Snake bite kit

Hydrogen peroxide



Granulated sugar or sugar cubes for a sugar paste- can be used for wounds or if sugar drops

Credit card or elmers glue- removes a splint

Wood ruler- temporary splint

Sock- hold bandage in place

Towel or tshirt- tourniquet

Cotton balls- stop bleeding or pack small wounds

Tampon- stop nose bleed or pack wound

Black Drawing Salve

Magnifying glass

Pencil n note pad always good to record vitals and details of incident

Antibiotic salve

Bottle of penicillin you can get it from a feed store

Clove oil for tooth aches

Olive Leaf Extract is an antibiotic

Oil of oregano – antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal

Emergency Dental repair kit

Peppermint essential oil for headache and pains




What would you add to the list?

It should be at our disposal to use under any event to survive and get in contact with others until we are in the clear. Your supplies should be reviewed annually to replace anything used, outdated or spoiled.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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