DIY ProjectsEnd of Kitchen Cabinet Magnetic Spice Rack Project

End of Kitchen Cabinet Magnetic Spice Rack Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build an end of kitchen cabinet magnetic spice rack project is a great way to utilize often unused vertical kitchen space. Spices that are hidden inside a kitchen cabinet are often forgotten… out of sight – out of mind. By creating a highly visible spice rack, they are more likely to be used resulting in deliciously flavored food.

End of Kitchen Cabinet Magnetic Spice Rack Project

The heart of every homesteading family is centered around making meals in the kitchen. Being organized is key to making food preparation run quickly and smoothly. Herbs and spices are the final touches to any dish.

You do not even need much to get you started with a truly beautiful magnetic spice rack that can be placed against a kitchen cabinet’s side. All you need is some 22-gauge steel, spice containers, magnets, epoxy, and some labels so you can tell your spices apart. As you purchase your steel base, do not forget to have the company where you are buying it cut it down to the right size along with pre-drilling some holes so you don’t have to do it later. It’ll save you time and effort.

You can buy one here…. Spice Tin Wall Base, Stainless 12″ X 24″ for Magnetic Spice Tins

New 6 Piece Magnetic Spice Rack Space Saver w/ See-Through Lids

The beauty of this spice rack is that it does not take any space away from your counter tops or your cabinets as you stack them vertically along the steel base screwed into one of your cabinet’s sides. You’ll love the look of this spice rack with its simplicity and durability.

Let’s talk about other herb and spice racks. Some take up tons of space though they have the ability to spin so you can get to the spice you need fast. Others are made for a cabinet where you can see each spice on a tier-like format. Others still have perfect little hideaway places where you can keep your spices in a storage place safe from heat while also not taking up too much space in other areas of your kitchen. In my honest opinion, the magnetic spice rack is a great option.

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