DIY ProjectsEnd Tables Cut in Half and Stacked Shelf Project

End Tables Cut in Half and Stacked Shelf Project

This incredible redesigned end tables cut in half and stacked shelf project takes thrift store finds and creates a unique vertical shelf.

End Tables Cut in Half and Stacked Shelf Project

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Apart from creativity, you also have to always think outside the box to come up with wonderful projects like this. This little project actually proves that any idea that can be conceived can equally be achieved. The lady that did this project found a couple of old wooden stools and converted them into a beautiful two-tier wall shelf.

What makes the whole project more amazing is the fact that she bought each of the wooden stools for $5.

She cut each of the stools into equal halves. Then a little carpentry work went into it. After that, some painting went into them and it all became a magnificent wall shelf. All it cost her was just a total of $10. But that wall shelf will cost nothing less than $30 if she wanted to buy a ready-made one. Imagine how much she has saved.

It is all about creativity and thinking outside the box. There are infinite ways through which you can save a lot of money by making some of these stuffs yourself. What if she prefers to sell the shelf? She would have sold it for about $30 or how much can you pay for the wall shelf?

The idea behind sharing this article is to inspire you to create some home-made items too. It does not have to be a wall shelf and it does not even have to be a wooden item. It is just to trigger your creativity. Remember if another creative person handles the same old pair of stools, he will convert them into another wonderful and more valuable item.

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Melissa Francis
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