Escape Proofing the Goats


For folks that raise goats and have that one or two that could earn a living playing Houdini, this is for you. Goats are naturally climbing animals. Goats out in the wild spend most of their days balanced on vertical mountain cliffs and impossible edges. It requires well-trained footing and incredible strength to live in the natural habitat of goats. Due to this innate ability, a weak fence in your farmyard will be nothing but a mere child’s play in the eyes of a goat.

According to MannaPro a goat is different from horse, sheep, and cow in the sense that it wouldn’t have any trouble getting up on your farmyard fence. They may even try climbing over, depending on your fence’s construction. For the smaller goats, fencing is not as hard. Although fencing is probably not high on your list of priorities for raising goats, it definitely deserves a spot if you want to ensure that your life will be easier and less troublesome.

Goats are also amazingly persistent and curious. If ever they want something really bad, whether it is your raspberry patch, the grain can, or a female in heat, nothing can block their way. They are going to use every tiny bit of their plowing strength to reach their desired object. They will continue trying again and again and it is very rare for them to give up once an idea pops in their head.
Goats are exceptional problem solvers as well.

They can quickly fathom a latched door, use their mouth to unlock it and encourage the rest of the herd to go out. Eye and hook designs and sliding latches are easy for them to learn undoing them.
Due to these reasons, goats need well-built and sturdy fencing. Stepping Stone Farm NZ gives tips on how you can stop goats from going through the fences.