Emergency PreparednessHow to Escape from a Sinking Car: 8 steps

How to Escape from a Sinking Car: 8 steps

These lifesaving steps of how to escape from a sinking car in 8 steps is the kind of knowledge you hope you never have to use but will be so grateful you read and stored away in your mind just in case.

As drivers past rivers, lakes, oceans and ponds, it rarely enters their thoughts that a sudden accident could send a vehicle into a dangerous situation. Cold temperatures and lack of oxygen can cause a fatal outcome but learning how to escape from a submerged car you are trapped inside is priceless.

Carrying a pocket knife or having a emergency escape tool where it can be easily reached so you can cut the seat belt  if car door is jammed  or break a window to swim through can save your life as well as your passengers.

Click here to read an amazing article that could save your life by showing you how to escape from a sinking car:


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