Uses for Eucalyptus, Lavender, Myrrh and Peppermint oils



Eucalyptus  is good for helps loosen coughs and stuffy noses.
Used in the laundry it kills dust mite. A few drops along with a few drops of lemon balm in a spray bottle of water to mist rugs and bed skirt give a room a clean fresh scent and kills dust mites.

Lavender is good for burns, bruises and earaches.
to relieve aching muscles add a few drops and a half cup of Epsoms salts to a hot bath and sit back and relax.

Myrrh is a good expectorant for coughing, pain relief and athletes foot.
For sore gums or mouth sores add 3 or 4 drops to a glass of warm water and swish around your mouth then spit it out repeat  2 or 3 times.

Peppermint is good for nausea and headaches heartburn, and it is also anti bacterial

 For sore feet add 4 or 5 drops to a basin of water and soak for half hour.