Everyday Preps: Dental, TP, Salt, Fire, & Pets


Nice article on everyday items that we may forget to stock up on. Survival sherpa reminds of the every day we use them but probably don’t think about them being unavailable items that we use every day.

photo credit survivalsherpa.wordpress.com
photo credit survivalsherpa.wordpress.com

Everyday Preps: Dental, TP, Salt, Fire, & Pets




GE 26 Watt Energy Smart CFL – 6 Pack – 100 Watt Replacement

GE 13-Watt Energy SmartTM 60 Watt Replacement – 2 Packs of 8 Bulbs – 16 Total Bulbs

Reach Clean Burst Dental Floss, Waxed, Cleanburst, 55 Yard (Pack of 4)

Quilted Northern, Ultra Plush, Double Rolls, [6 Rolls*8 Pack] = 48 Total Count