CraftsExpandable Compact Craft Table DIY Project

Expandable Compact Craft Table DIY Project

How to build an Expandable Compact Craft Table DIY Project is simple to make and has a project budget that will not break your bank account. It is a fold out organizer craft desk is a great peice of furniture that always you to fully lay out your craft project.

Expandable Compact Craft Table DIY Project

People that work from home or craft enthusiasts are always looking for comfortable workspaces. Most times the kitchen table just won’t do and the garage is far too cold and musty.

We all dream of having a home desk to get on with our businesses or the latest craft task we have given ourselves. Space always seem to the be the biggest problem for people wanting or needing their own desk at home.

You can find the perfect solution on It provides the plans for a foldable craft table from scrap wood. You can use new store-bought wood should you not have any scrap pieces of wood lying about at home.

The table boasts a solid center structure with the two side ends of the table folding in and out. This means that once folded, the table can neatly fit against the side of a wall or into a small storage space when not the table is not in use. Also, depending on the amount of work space you need, you can only unfold one side of the table at a time. You do not have to unfold both sides to stabilize the table.

Placing wheels on the center structure and the folding ends will allow you to easily move the table around the house. Also, wheels on the folding ends will make it a lot easier for you to slide the folds in and out.

The other great design aspect of this table is that the stabilizing center is wide enough to allow for storage space. You can divide the center into half horizontally and install baskets for your bric‘nbrac or stationary.

Click here to read about how to build a frugal Expandable Compact Craft Table DIY Project:


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