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Expert tips on countertop resurfacing

Worn-out kitchen countertops can be a great eyesore for any homeowner. Your home is supposed to be your happy place; not where you are constantly met by the ugly sight of stains and cracks. Repairing your kitchen countertops has never been easier thanks to the following expert tips on resurfacing kitchen countertops whether they are made or laminate or quartz. Whether your goal is to resurface quartz countertops or resurface laminate countertops, we have you covered!


Paint laminate to get a granite-like appearance

Countertop resurfacing need not be expensive. Instead of calling that professional resurfacing company, why not grab a tin of paint or two and paint away all the scratches, stains and cuts? Laminate countertops can be painted to look just as classy and sleek as granite. What’s more? This is a recycling hack that lets you get a fresh new look without having to dispose of any parts of the original countertop. 

How to achieve a faux granite finish

You can achieve a painted faux granite finish using a simple dabbing motion and a sponge. The prospect of painting your laminate kitchen countertop and finishing with a granite-like finish is exciting. However, remember that the final result will only be as good as the work you put in.

  • To begin, clean the countertop thoroughly using water and soap. Remove any visible dirt and wipe away any smudges.
  • Next, use denatured alcohol to clean the countertop a second time, making sure that your hands do not come into contact with the countertop. You may also want to keep any pets and kids away from the kitchen while you work. 
  • Clean the sinks and faucets; watch out for any caulk in the seams. 
  • If there are any cracks and chips, fill them with epoxy putty. Once the epoxy putty is completely dry you can sand off the roughness. 
  • Use painter’s tape to seal off anything that you do not want to get paint on. This step may seem simple but it is not; you have to make sure you cover all the little places that could easily get overlooked. 
  • Use 100-grit sandpaper to degloss the countertop. Clean off the residue when you are done sanding and check that you did not miss any spot. 
  • Apply an oil-based primer on the countertop and give it a minimum of 4 hours to dry. 
  • You will need at least three different shades of your chosen paint; the first coat will act as the base coat. You can either start with the lightest to the darkest or vice versa. Ensure that the first coat covers the surface evenly. After applying the base coat, use a sponge to apply the remaining layers in random patterns. 

Tips for achieving the perfect faux granite finish through kitchen counter resurfacing

  • Visit a home improvement center and study samples of real granite. Note the hues that appeal to you.
  • Apply subsequent coats while the previous coat is slightly damp so that they can blend seamlessly.
  • Use a feather to sparingly add grain to damp paint.
  • Use a fine-tipped artist brush to add contrasting veins. White and black are excellent choices of contrasting colors. 
  • Sprinkle some glitter flakes (in either silver or gold) on top of the last coat before you apply the top coat. 
  • Once you have finished painting, use a dense foam roller to apply acrylic top coats. Two coats should be enough.


Work on the minor issues

You do not need an entirely new countertop to fix minor issues such as chips, scratches and gouges. Most defects can be camouflaged with laminate repair paste at your convenience. You can also repair pen to hide some defects. Take care to fill blemishes just right so that you do not end up with another defect. 

For stains, mix water and baking powder to make a paste. Put the paste on the stained areas and leave it untouched for several hours. Wipe off the paste with a paper towel after a few hours have elapsed and voila! You have a stainless Caesarstone countertop- just like that. 

Use a rag and a small amount of nail polish remover, acetone, and paint thinner and denatured alcohol to work on the more stubborn stains. It is advisable to use white rags as colored rags might leave some color on the countertop and you do not want that! 

Take a shortcut where you can

Painting can be fun and rewarding but not everyone has an artistic side. You can purchase peel-and-stick vinyl sheets that are designed to look like real granite. You only need to do a thorough prep of the countertop surface before you stick the vinyl sheets on!

Take care of your kitchen countertops

If you want your resurfaced quartz, laminate or tile countertops to last, avoid doing things that are likely to cause damage. Do not pound on them, place hot objects on them or leave spills on for too long. 


Leave handy work to the professionals if you do not feel up to the task

DIY projects can be rewarding but you will only get frustrated if you do it wrong. Whether you lack the skills or just the time for it, feel free to seek professional countertop resurfacing services. Granted, you will have to part with some money. However, the work will be done efficiently at little or no inconvenience to you. 

Resurface kitchen tile countertops by creating a different design

Use different colored ceramic tiles to create a checkerboard pattern or mosaic design on your kitchen countertops. This is a simple method of kitchen counter resurfacing that will give you a makeover with little hassle. 

Have your quartz kitchen countertops resurfaced by experts

Quartz countertops are sleek and classy; they scream luxury. Resurface your quartz kitchen countertops as soon as they become too dull or appear full of blemishes and defects. You need not do this on your own though. Provide us with basic measurements and schedule a consultation with us so that we can find the perfect solution for you. We will measure your space, provide you with a reasonable estimate and size your quartz according to your specifications. 

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