Food DehydratingFacts About Food Dehydrating for Food Storage

Facts About Food Dehydrating for Food Storage

These interesting facts about food dehydrating for food storage will bring the benefits of drying fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs and flowers.

Facts About Food Dehydrating for Food Storage

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Besides freezing food, dehydration is another method of preserving food for a long period of time. Food dehydration, however, is a tedious process to master. For those who all about making food at home naturally and cooking everyday, having it last longer than the usual expiration date and not wasting it is important.

For the “homesteaders and preppers,” it is the responsible thing to do to provide for their family, pets and livestock animals to have a stockpile of food that lasts a long time.

These are some of the facts. First, steaming vegetables before being dehydrated can keep the food’s color and nutrients. It works well particularly with broccoli and some beans.

Next, is simply having a food dehydration machine which works really well. However, the twist is that it doesn’t have to be just a machine for dehydration; it could also be regular appliance such as the oven. The machines are amazing and worth the cost, which is the option because it is a frugal low cost investment with great rewards. After dehydrating properly, you can use a food vacuum sealer, which will expand the shelf life of the dried food even longer.

Even though we are talking about dryness, the vegetables can’t be too dry. They should be 5% moisture, while fruit should be at 10%, and meat at 20%. Organize the food groups and take your time with the dehydration process. It isn’t instant. Plus, this would be a good time to plan out different recipes with the food before it ready to use.

Finally, remember the C.C.D.: Cool, Clean, Dry. That’s what dehydrated food must be.

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