Emergency PreparednessFamily Emergency Disaster Preparedness Supplies List for Survival

Family Emergency Disaster Preparedness Supplies List for Survival

This Family Emergency Disaster Preparedness Supplies List for Survival will help pre-prepare your family for either to hunker down or evacute because of riots, heat waves, floods, hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, blizzards, droughts, landslides and so much more that can happen.

Family Emergency Disaster Preparedness Supplies List for Survival

If you were to ask most people what they would do in the event of a major disaster in their area chances are most people would answer that with an “I don’t know”. Unfortunately, if you are not prepared you will be up a creek without a paddle. This is mainly because the local government is set up in a way that it generally takes 1-3 days to be able to be in a position to offer help. This article was designed to help educate the reader about being prepared in the event of a major natural disaster.

This article was written and shared as a way to help to educate the reader about the things that everyone should have on hand in case a catastrophic event occurs and they need to be ready. The author possesses an extreme amount of knowledge and it shows with how thorough they were in preparing the list of all of the items in the preparedness kit. Everything that is on the list is fairly easy to find.

In 2015, there were 905 natural disasters worldwide, 93% of which were weather-related disasters.

Water: It is suggested storing away water and gallons of potable water in the event of an emergency but if you have to bugout (move), it’s best to carry a portable filtration system and water purication tablets.

Food: Three days worth of nonperishable food should be the very LEAST about of food stored for each person and pet. Don’t forget comfort food and always include survival food bars that contain 2,000 calories (You can find them here – Click Here) 

Portable Lighting: Flashlights, glowsticks, lanterns and headlamps are ideal for setting up emergency lighting around a home. Have plenty of batteries stocked. You can use outside solar pathway lights for a soft glow (nightlight).

A Weather/Emergency Radio: an emergency radio that can tune in to AM/FM and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration channel. In the event of an emergency, especially a weather-related emergency, radio is your best bet to get up-to-date information on weather patterns, evacuation orders or official news from the authorities

Mylar Blankets: Full sleeping bags are too cumbersome for an bugout emergency bugout bag, so these are a lighter alternative. “Mylar thermal blankets or bags are windproof, waterproof and capable of reflecting more than 90 percent of your body heat,”

Don’t forget fire starter, survival knife, map and compass, first aid kit….. plus mental strength. You will be far better off if you are physically and mentally fit to endure the stresses of survival.

* * * Benefits of reading the Survival 101: What should be in your family preparedness kit

Learn about what every family should have in a kit that will help them to be prepared in the event of a major disaster in the local area

The article describes everything that should be considered when it comes to planning for an emergency for the whole family

The preparedness kit is broken down into 6 basic sections and each one is described in detail as to what and how much is needed

The way that the article is laid out makes it perfect for the reader to be able to read it and fully understand it

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Melissa Francis
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