Is Your Family Prepared For A Winter Power Outage ?

This winter is seeing record low temperatures across the nation which is putting stress on the electric grid infrastructure system. Snow, ice storms, and storms with high winds can cause severe damage that can lead to power outages. When an object, such as a tree limb, comes in contact with a power line, circuit breakers or other protective equipment shut off the flow of power. Customers connected to that circuit will be without power until crews can remove the object and reset the equipment.

Is your family prepared to stay warm, cook, deal with personal hygiene issues and entertainment during an power outage ?


Here are a few tips that may help you get through.

Do You Have Extra Water Stored In Case Of Frozen Water Pipes ?

* Let faucets drip a little to avoid freezing

* Store water for drinking, cooking and sanitation purposes

CASH…. Keep emergency cash on hand. ATM’s do not work in a power outage if you are forced leave your home and purchase something.

Another reason to always try to never let your car or truck get below half a tank of gas. During a power outage gas stations will be unable to pump gas.

Alternative Heat & Cooking Source In Case Of Power Outage ?

*Wood stove, Camp Stove, Heater Buddy

Extra Blankets To Cover Windows ?

Dress in dry layered clothing, wear a hat and gloves.

Having a supply of Baby Wipes can be used instead of water for personal hygiene.

You Have At The Very Least A Two Week Supply Of Food Storage So You Don’t Have To Brave The Weather To Shop ?

Are You Stocked Up On Needed Daily Medications ?

Check Flashlights And Battery-Powered Portable Radios To Ensure That They Are Working, And You Have Extra Batteries !

Do you have a supply of candles, glow sticks for kids lanterns  and/or oil lamps ?

” Watch for signs of hypothermia: uncontrollable shivering, memory loss, disorientation, incoherence, slurred speech, drowsiness and apparent exhaustion. If symptoms are detected, get the victim to a warm location, remove any wet clothing, warm the center of the body first and give warm, non-alcoholic beverages, if the victim is conscious. Get medical help, as soon as possible ” quoted from Tufts University article – Winter Power Outage Tips.

Keep Cell Phones Fully Charged As Much As You Can.

Don’t Drive If Possible And Stay Off The Streets

* Park vehicles off the street if possible

Move The Whole Family Into One Room – Easier To Heat

* Shut the doors of unused rooms to conserve heat

* Place rolled up towels in window sill and door frames that may leaking in cold air

Many furnaces whether gas, oil, or electric have an electric starter and electric fan that blows the heat. None of these appliances work in a power outage.

Do not open the refrigerator or  freezer except to remove and replace food. Even though it is freezing outside without electricity your refrigerator and freezer will be losing cooling ability. If  the power outage lasts for more than two days, your food may start to perish.

Do Not For Any Reason Leave Your Pets Outside. Farm Animals Need Shelter And Water That Is Not Frozen.

You may want to have board games, cards, crocheting, knitting, coloring booking & crayons, crafts of some form, books (reading aloud to smaller children) , storytelling (family history, how the parents met and fell in love) in an effort to keep your family busy and their minds off the power outage. Does a family member play a musical instrument ?


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