CraftsFan Shaped Family Tree Project

Fan Shaped Family Tree Project

This is a really great project for folks that would like a genealogical family tree. You can print out the fan from the provided template and then take it to office depot or somewhere like that and have it enlarged to the size you like or leave it small depending on what you wish to do with it.

I think this would make an awesome gift for anyone that is into tracing their ancestry or just wishes to keep track and have a family tree they can display.

Once you have made one for yourself it would be pretty easy to make for someone else in the family since you would have all the information.  Great diy project.

Martha Stewart shares the free template and instructions.  She shows the fan filled in and enlarged and then framed and hanging on the wall above the sofa which is a really lovely idea.

Click here for template and instructions.|/275136/make-a-family-tree/@center/276976/memorykeeping-crafts|267157

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