ChickensFarm Chicken Coop Free Plans DIY Project

Farm Chicken Coop Free Plans DIY Project

This Farm Chicken Coop Free Plans DIY Project shares how an inspired homesteader can build a place to house their hens that looks just like an old American farm chicken house design from the 19th century.

Farm Chicken Coop Free Plans DIY Project

In 1895, the grandparents of Joy Tarter built a house in Yosemite, Kentucky in the farmland of Casey County. Later on when she wanted to add more functional buildings to house animals such as a chicken coop…. she wanted the buildings to look like the main house.

She hired a carpenter to visit the chicken house in Yosemite, in order to replicate it as closely as possible, to produce a modern version to the old American farm chicken house design from the 19th century, using materials that were readily available.

To begin this construction, certain tools such as a circular saw, jig saw, hammer, a manual or an electric screwdriver, a level, metal shears and wire cutters would be needed. In addition, certain materials such as different sizes ofoak lumber, nails, windows, hinges, screw nails, 8” metal sheet, 8’ clear skylight, 16’ ridge cap, screw nails, poultry netting, rabbit wire with ½” grid openings.

With detailed measurements of the length as 16’2”, width as 8’3”, height to eaves as 8’, door dimensions as 6’4” as well as height to roof peak as 10’8” and rafters as 5’11”, the resulting version was both revitalizing to look at, as well as easy to use and maintain. The design of drop through perches enclosed in their own protective wire, makes cleaning up the chicken house easier. It is comfortable and because of the rigid wire screening, serves to provide protection from predators.

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