Feed Garden Soil Frugal Homemade Fertilizer Recipe

How to Feed Garden Soil Frugal Homemade Fertilizer Recipe is designed to introduce homesteading gardeners to so very important information on soil amendments. As you grow herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables, you drain the vital nutrients from your garden soil. You need to replenish your hungry garden soil so the next time you grow something – it can absorb flavorful nutrients. It is an ongoing cycle that homesteading gardeners become very in-tune with.

Feed Garden Soil Frugal Homemade Fertilizer Recipe - Homesteading - Gardening - The Homestead Survival

Ask any experienced gardener what the most important part of any successful garden and most of them will say the quality of the soil. Unfortunately, the soil in your backyard where you plan to put your new garden likely is not good enough by itself.

The article was written and shared by the author who is a very successful gardener and who is will to impart some of their knowledge of what it takes to make improvements to the overall soil condition in your garden. The article focuses on three different soil amendments that can be prepared using DIY principles.


These three specific compounds can be inexpensively made and added to your garden soil:

Coffee grounds


Wood Ash

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