Household TipsFelt Wool Dryer Balls to Reduce Laundry Dryer Time Project

Felt Wool Dryer Balls to Reduce Laundry Dryer Time Project

How to create Felt Wool Dryer Balls to Reduce Laundry Dryer Time Project is simple to make, inexpensive and will help you save energy costs. Small things can add up to big saving over a long period of time.

Felt Wool Dryer Balls to Reduce Laundry Dryer Time Project

What to cut down on laundry time? Here’s this simple project that can help in cutting down the washing time.

1. First, get a two-to-four ounce piece of wool and wrap it into a big, tight ball.

2. Hold the wool together by wrapping a piece of wool yarn around it and tuck the ends in the wool ball.

3. Next, get a pair of pantyhose and cut off one of the legs; put one ball in and tie the pantyhose above it.

4. Add a second ball and tie it again; repeat until all of the balls are tied in the pantyhose.

5. Wash them in hot water and put them in the dryer on high heat for three loads. The heat makes the wool fibers fuse together.

How to use felted wool dryer balls:

Put three-to-five dry balls into the dryer with your laundry. If the balls don’t work on softening any static cling, put it through the wash cycle again. To make your laundry have a nice smell to it, a couple drops of essential oil like lavender or orange on the balls will do the trick. Dry them alone in the dryer for five minutes before adding in the laundry. The dryer will distribute the scent easily to all of the clothes being dried, but don’t worry, the essential oil will not come in contact with the laundry, just the scent. Add more drops every few loads as needed.


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