GardeningFertilize Your Garden Fifty Ways

Fertilize Your Garden Fifty Ways

There are so many ways to fertilize the garden. You can use commercial fertilizers or you can use compost. There is lasagna gardening which is layers of dry and green things that break down and provide fertilizer, you can use earth worm castings and you can grow cover crops. In this article you will find fifty ways to fertilize your garden. I have always used compost but this fall I am going to try growing cover crops.

I have never done that and since I have raised beds they need replacement nutrients. The cover crops are planted as seed in fall and as they grow their roots loosen up the soil so it will be loamy in spring allowing good drainage and the growth of tender seedling roots. The cover crop is left all winter and then turned under in spring to break down within the soil and provide nutrients for the new plants going in.

If you want to try some new fertilizing techniques or methods check out this article from Don’t Waste The Crumbs and see if one of their fifty suggestions may be for you.


Click here to see all fifty suggestions:


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