soapsFight Club Movie Pork Lard Lye Soap Making Recipe

Fight Club Movie Pork Lard Lye Soap Making Recipe

Tyler Durden is famous for making Fight Club Movie Pork Lard Lye Soap Making Recipe….ok, truth is that Tyler Durden used fat from Liposuction clinics which means human fat but we will just use PORK fat instead.

Rather surprisingly he part-funds his operation by selling home-made soap at high prices to beauty salons and shops. While he demonstrates making the soap he says: ‘ancient people found that their clothes got clean when they washed them at a certain point in a river… because of human sacrifices of ones made above the river… bodies burned, water seeped through the wooden ashes to create lye… once it mixed with the melted fat of the bodies a thick white soapy discharge crept into the river’. A truly gruesome part of Fight club is that they use human fat stolen from liposuction clinics as the tallow to make their soap! Tyler claims that these soaps are the creamiest possible as quoted Jonathan Hare with screen chemistry. 

Yes, the movie Fight Club totally inspired this bar soap recipe.

Fight Club Movie Pork Lard Lye Soap Making Recipe - The homestead Survival - Soap Making - Fat



70 grams of pork lard

26 grams of distilled water

9 grams of Sodium Hydroxide


Lye Soap Value Bag (6 Bars) Bulk Pack. PALM OIL FREE. NO ADDED COLOR, SCENT OR TEXTURE. Made With Lard, Lye & 15% Coconut Oil 

Pure Lye Drain Cleaner / Opener, 2 lbs. Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide Micro Beads 


Use of video content is at own risk. Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is highly caustic, poisonous, and can cause serious damage to tissue and/or property. Lye should be approached with care and caution, ensuring all suggestions listed on the container are complied with and handled with gloves or other protection. There are risks associated with these projects that require adult supervision.

The homemade recipe that was created and share with everyone includes a complete list of all of the necessary things that are needed to get started.

It also includes a complete, easy to read and follow step by step instructional guide that covers everything that will be needed to be done from start to finish.

All of the information is presented in a way that makes it really super easy to read and follow.

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