Essential OilsFight Fibromyalgia Pain With This Blend Of Essential Oils

Fight Fibromyalgia Pain With This Blend Of Essential Oils

For folks that are suffering from fibromyalgia you can fight fibromyalgia pain with this blend of essential oils. You can mix your own blend of oils and then put the blend in a roll-on applicator so that it becomes easy to apply to pulse points and also to your feet and even the stomach.

Fight Fibromyalgia Pain With This Blend Of Essential Oils

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The recipe is shared by Well Sphere who tells us that this blend of oils works because it helps to boost  serotonin levels which in turn helps to stop the pain. It actually works as a pain reliever. They discovered that this blend of essential oils works to ease the pain and you can reapply as often as needed. However they did say that the oils didn’t work as well when it was raining.

This may or may not be your experience with it. For anyone that suffers from the chronic pain of fibromyalgia this is definitely worth a try. It would be so much better to use the essential oils instead of pain medication taken orally because most of them wreak havoc on the stomach. I know I don’t like to take medication for arthritis pain because after about three days of taking it I am ready to live with the pain rather than the mess the medication makes of my insides. I may try this blend to see if it helps for arthritis myself. Keep an applicator in your purse, car and both work and home so that you will be able to apply whenever needed.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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