Filled Biscuit Campfire Treats


       This is a great tutorial on making a tool that you can use while camping to toast biscuits in a cup shape over the fire and then once baked you can fill them with puddings and whipped cream or you could dice fruits and fill with the diced fruit and top with whipped cream. Made To Be A Momma shares the tutorial for making the wooden biscuit bakers and then give the instructions for the fillable biscuits she calls woofems. I think kids would get a big kick out of these.

       Aside from the puddings you could have some coconut flakes, chocolate or butterscotch chips, salted caramel to pour over diced apple and pretty much anything else that you might like inside of a biscuit. I think they would be amazing with a couple of pecan halves then a nice drizzle of salted caramel and a dollop of whipped cream on top, yummy. Any way you want to serve them if you do a lot of camping even if the fires are always in the back yard this is a winner. If you do a lot of cooking over a camp fire you might want to see  this… Campfire Bacon – A New Way to Cook It !