DIY ProjectsFirewood Screw Log Splitter DIY Homesteading Project

Firewood Screw Log Splitter DIY Homesteading Project

This firewood screw log splitter diy homesteading project does take some effort to build but is a huge help in reducing a heavy workload for years to come.

Firewood Screw Log Splitter DIY Homesteading Project

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This piece of information is necessary for those that make use of either a fireplace or a wooden heater. The outcome of this little engineering process will be beneficial to you.

You know that no matter how you split logs of woods into smaller pieces to feed them to your fireplace or wooden heater, you still find out that some pieces are still too big.

Instead of wasting more time to filter out the pieces of log that are still too big for further splitting, you can make use of this screw log splitter from the beginning. The needed materials for this invention are some metal frames, an electric motor, giant screw and some iron plates.

There are two impressive features of this machine. Its motor is relatively less noisy and it does not use fuels from gas station. So, it is quite cheap to use. You may be thinking that it requires a lot of technical or engineering skill and knowledge, but on the contrary. When you go through it, you will realize that it is quite easier to build than you think.

It is also very easy to operate. Even though this one does not have any security button, it is recommended that you put a security button in yours so that you can deactivate the machine immediately you sense any danger.

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Melissa Francis
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