DIY ProjectsFishing Pole Rods Wall Hanger Homemade DIY Project

Fishing Pole Rods Wall Hanger Homemade DIY Project

This Fishing Pole Rods Wall Hanger Homemade DIY Project is such an amazing project that can hold up to six rod combos in most sizes.

Fishing Pole Rods Wall Hanger Homemade DIY Project

Fishing rods are quite delicate and should, therefore, be kept properly if you have a lot of rough housing kids. They can easily get broken when people step on them, slam doors on them or use them for the wrong purpose. If you have kids, you will probably want to prevent a domestic accident by keeping object like your fishing rod away. These are just some of the reasons why you need to have a fishing rod storage rack. Besides keeping your fishing gear safe, a storage rack will also make it quickly accessible.

*** Tools:


hole saw (I used ⌀50mm)

drill bits (⌀3 wooden, ⌀6 masonry)


vise (or clamps)


paint roller (or brush)

chisel (or x-acto knife)

*** Materials:

four pieces of pine board*


wood glue

wood screws

wood filler

wood stain

L shaped expansion anchor bolts

draught excluder tape

U shaped nails

There are a variety of ready-made fishing rod storage racks. Some racks store rods vertically and this method only works if your rods are not so long. Still, some others store rods horizontally on ceilings and walls. Keep in mind, however, that if you are an avid fisherman that has more than ten rods, you may have to buy more than one of these racks to store your rods. The fact is, these storage racks can be expensive, depending on the material used in making them and how pretty they look.

If you are looking for an affordable way to organize and safely store your rods in one location, then think of making your own storage rack. It is really easy to create a rod storage as you will only require some simple hand tools. Plus, you can complete the project in less than two hours. Depending on where you have space, you can design your rack to fit in perfectly.

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Melissa Francis
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