Food Storage & SkillsFive Unique Flours Made From Alternative Sources

Five Unique Flours Made From Alternative Sources

Learn how you can make five unique flours from alternative sources. Wheat has been the primary grain of choice for more than a century for making flour that is used for baking. The main reason is that it possesses the most preferred characteristics including texture and density. It is also one of the most plentiful of all of the crops being planted throughout the world. However, when it comes to being self-sufficient these days it is extremely important to have a “Plan B” in the event that your wheat stores run low.

Five Unique Flours Made From Alternative Sources

This informative article is from The Prepper’s Blueprint. It was designed to help other people who are interested in being more self-sufficient learn how to use other types of grains and food stuff to make flour. It includes additional information that is important when it comes to using each of the five alternative varieties of flours in baking.

Benefits of reading Unique Flours Made From Alternative Sources 

Use the information inside to ensure that you are truly prepared.
The information is presented in a way that is very easy to read and to understand.
It has a number of full color pictures to help provide a good visual reference of the information.


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