Flea Killing Dog Shampoo Recipe

The Homestead Survival
The Homestead Survival
The Homestead Survival



1/4  Cup Liquid Dr. Bonner Unscented Baby Mild Soap

1/4 Cup Vinegar

 1/2 Cup Warm Water

Fleas do not like the smell of citrus and a lot of commercial flea shampoos contain citrus essential oils. You can add 8 to 10 drops of orange or lemon essential oil to help prevent new fleas and it makes the dog smell good as well.

The Homestead Survival
The Homestead Survival

Mix all 3 ingredients in an empty squeeze bottle, cover tip with your thumb and shake well.

Apply from bottom of your dog’s neck to the tip of their tail. Don’t forget chest, legs and in between the paws toes.

The Homestead Survival
The Homestead Survival

Massage the soapy mixture on your dog for 5 whole minutes.

Rinse thoroughly….then rinse again because most people do not rinse thoroughly enough.

Dry your dog with an old towel.

 Use a Lice Comb to remove any dead fleas from your dog’s hair once it is completely dry.

Then give them a treat for being such a good sport.

 Lola, my boxer dog was paid 2 treats…. 1 treat for the bath and 1 treat for her modeling fee, lol.


One of Facebook page reader’s shared this tip:

Boot’n LePage -The trick is to make a ring of soap around the neck first. This keeps the fleas from all rushing up to “high ground”

55431e1428abaae5429606af6279db0eYes, this recipe will work on cats as well but I have been scared to try.