Emergency PreparednessFlooding - Sand Bag Filler PVC Tubes Disaster DIY Project

Flooding – Sand Bag Filler PVC Tubes Disaster DIY Project

This Flooding Sand Bag Filler PVC Tubes Disaster DIY Project could come in really handy in trying to hold back the destructive force of food waters. Above-average rainfall that scientists expect for the spring, along with melting snow, would add to the flooding and extend it through the central and southern United States.

Flooding - Sand Bag Filler PVC Tubes Disaster DIY Project

25 States Are at Risk of Serious Flooding This Spring, U.S. Forecast Says…..

Sandbags are a vital part of emergency preparation for areas that are prone to severe flooding. Sandbag barriers can be erected in a relatively short period time ahead of pending natural disasters like severe storms and even hurricanes to protect vital resources.

This DIY project was designed to introduce a simple tool that makes filling sandbags much easier and quicker.

This Do It Yourself project was created in hopes to help people who could really use this type of tool to make filling sandbags much easier.

The project includes an easy to follow plan that is fully downloadable and simple to follow.

All of the things that are included in the list of things that are needed are really easy to find.

All of the information is presented in a way that makes it really easy to read and follow.

“The flooding this year could be worse than anything we’ve seen in recent years, even worse than the historic floods of 1993 and 2011,” said Mary C. Erickson, deputy director of the National Weather Service.

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