Build ItFlow of River Hydro -- Using Only Stream Velocity to Drive a...

Flow of River Hydro — Using Only Stream Velocity to Drive a Turbine

If you live near a stream and would like to use to make your own electricty using the stream Build it solar has information to help make it happen. How neat would it be to power your home using a natural resource like your own stream.

   Sounds like as long as you have decent flow in the stream and it is not illegal in your area that it can be done and could save you some significant money over time.

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Flow of River Hydro




Micro-Hydro Design Manual: A Guide to Small-Scale Water Power Schemes

Build your Own: HYDRO TURBINE, WATER WHEEL, WATER MILL. Unlimited, FREE, & Clean HYDRO-WATER POWER (Easy to Make)

Microhydro: Clean Power from Water

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