DIY ProjectsFlush The Toilet With Grey Water From The Washer DIY Project

Flush The Toilet With Grey Water From The Washer DIY Project

If you are concerned about dwindling water resourses and what you can do to help conserve our fresh water or maybe you live where water is scarce and want to use less while washing clothes. Check out this diy project of conecting your washer to a 55 gallon drum and a pump to pump the wash water to the toilet when flushing. Chad Patton7 has the video to explain how to set it up and what it looks like. If you have a lot of laundry in your house why drain the water out to the sewer when you can use it to flush the toilets and save money while conserving water. Where he has the overflow going into the sink and out to the sewer if you have a garden you could route the overflow to an outdoor water barrel and use it to water the garden or lawn. You would still need to diver any bleach water to the sewer or just not use bleach in your laundry. Neat way to be green while saving a little money and conserving the precious water supply.

Chad Patton7


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