Fly Control Method From Spain


If you like to eat outdoors and the flies bother you, check out this easy diy method to control the flies. It seems in Spain they have a horrible fly problem, especially when they try to eat outdoors. The flies are all over their food. So they came up with a way of using a bottle, some water and a piece of meat to make traps that capture the flies and keeps them captured. It seems that as the meat goes bad it draws the flies and the way the bottle is prepared, the flies can enter it but not escape from it. This would probably be a really good way to control flies around the barn and chicken coop as well as the patio, deck, and picnic table area.

Once the bottles are full you can just throw it away and make a new one to replace it. They are made from plastic soda bottles so it doesn’t cost you anything to make one. I would suggest not hanging them right where you are going to be eating or spending time because they are meant to attract the flies so that they go into the bottle. Just hang them in a space away from where you will be and the flies will go to where the bottle or bottles are and leave you alone.



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