Pest ControlFlying Bats Eat Insects so Build Bat House DIY Project

Flying Bats Eat Insects so Build Bat House DIY Project

Flying bats eat insects so build bat house diy project is simple to make and will encourage this pest control flying mammals to stay around your homestead. Bats have gotten a bad reputation and honestly they do not deserve it. They are a wonderful addition to keeping blood sucking mosquitoes controlled because bats find mosquitoes delicious.

Bats “do not” drink human blood….. just had to say it.

Flying Bats Eat Insects so Build Bat House DIY Project

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In a bid to effectively control insect activities in the yard, many homeowners are now considering building and installing a bat house. Obviously, it is one of the safest and most efficient methods available for natural insect control.

These days, it is, however, sad to know that bats are finding it harder to find suitable places to raise their young and roost during the day due to the increasing rate of habitat loss. In addition to the fact, that they typically bear only a single pup a year, their populations are steadily declining.

As a matter of fact, females require a safe, warm place to raise their young and these houses offer the right dwelling place for them. Apart from promoting the growth of a healthy population, you tend to give these flying mammals and their young ones a little bit of hope for survival.

Interestingly, a little brown bat can devour more than a thousand insects per hour. If a single animal can do this, then think about what a small colony of these species can do. Constructing a bat house is certainly one of the most efficient ways of inviting bats to the yard.

Flying Bats Eat Insects so Build Bat House DIY Project - Pest Control
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Roof 6″x28″

Front 24″x283/4″ (cut slots for vents, 5″ above bottom edge)

Back 24″x36″

Spacers 1″x2″ (4) 26″ long, (2) 31″ long, (2) 283/4″ long

Partitions 1/4″ thick, 3/4″ apart, 26″ long

Sides 4″x283/4″x31″ (angle-cut top edges)

Though learning this may require a little effort, it’s definitely worth it. Building a house for bats and installing it in your yard has obviously got so much to offer. Consider building a bat house as a great fall project.

Click here to read about how to build a bat house diy project:

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