Wild Food ForagingForaging For Pine Pollen and How To Use It

Foraging For Pine Pollen and How To Use It

Learn how to forage for pine pollen and all of the nutrients it contains along with how to use the pollen. Pine pollen is the name used for the supplements that are extracted from the pollen of pine trees. It might come as surprising that pine pollen has many health benefits. Pine trees are very beautiful to look at and fallen pines are often used for decorative purposes.

Foraging For Pine Pollen and How To Use It

There is a lot of useful information available over the Internet about the benefits of pine pollen. Pine pollen has also been part of Chinese medicine for long time now. The pollen found in pine trees has a high nutrition value containing many different types of vitamins including vitamin C and D which is a rare quality for plants. Pine pollen is also rich in minerals and anti-oxidants. In traditional Chinese medicine, pine pollen is used for the relief of fatigue, skin improvement, decreasing weight, increasing mental agility, boosting the immune system and for many more ailments.

Given its so many medical benefits, it is not surprising that pine pollen has become popular with nutritionists over time. In this article from And Here We Are, and they tell us about the many medical benefits of pine pollen. They also tell us how to harvest the pollen.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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