Foraging Recipe For Cream of Dandelion Soup


     If you are a person that believes in foraging to supplement your food supply you will probably love this recipe for cream of dandelion soup. Thus recipe uses the greens of the dandelion which are loaded with nutrients and best of all free for the picking. There is also some leeks and vegetable stock, carrot, butter and milk and then you use the sunny flower petals as garnish. Mnn shares the recipe and states this is a traditional french soup.

        If you are picking the leaves early they won’t be as bitter as later but it seems that even if you need to use older more bitter dandelion greens you can blanch them to get rid of some of the bitterness. Make sure that any dandelions you pick are free from weed killer and not too close to roads so they won’t have soaked up toxins from car exhausts.

       You could make this and serve it with either  Homemade Dandelion Bread Recipe or some Dandelion Shortbread and really take advantage of the free weeds.

Foraging Recipe For Cream of Dandelion Soup


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