Found Free Trailer At The Dump Project

For about 6 months my husband and I have been trying to think of ways to buy a used small trailer that I could pull behind my vehicle. I do a lot of yard work, carting things home from the dump, gathering free wood or furniture. Let’s just say I have a pick up lifestyle but drive a car.



My husband went to the dump today and found a used and abused trailer at the dump….free.
We are far from wealthy ( we are not even middle class,lol) so we do try to find ways to be thrifty.

This the before pictures : We plan to clean it up, remove the wood piece hanging in the front, get longer safety chains, apply a rust stopping treatment, paint it and add a reinforced piece to the interior of the trailer bed.


It is not new or pretty but I am super grateful for the money we will save.
I feel as if good luck shined on us today.

I will update this post when it is repaired and painted.

( I know people will ask – all the wood in the background is also found free wood)