CraftsFree Books And PDFs On Blacksmithing

Free Books And PDFs On Blacksmithing

If you are looking to become a blacksmith or maybe you already are a blacksmith this is a great bunch of free books and PDF  downloads that you might find useful. There are books on hammer tools, forge practice, hand forging and  wrought- iron ornamental work, farm blacksmithing, modern blacksmithing and Spanish iron work, sheet metal work and loads more. For any beginning blacksmith and possibly even someone that has been doing it for a while this is a load of great info on pretty much all aspects of blacksmithing and it is all free to download.  This is like a total blacksmithing library for free.

Blacksmith Books – Free Downloads, This is a great bunch of books shared by The Blacksmiths Association of Missouri>>>>>

This is a large lot of PDF files that you can download from Artisan Ideas. They also have pdf downloads for Coppersmithing, Machining, Leatherworking and Woodworking>>>>>>>>>

This Last one is Farm Blacksmithing: A Textbook and Problem Book for Students in Agricultural. It was a book for a teacher of farm blacksmithing but was written by the author so that it could be used as a self instruction book for farmers.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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