Free Crochet Pattern for a Northern Diamond Square


Grab the free pattern and crochet this Northern Diamond Square. Then you can keep making squares and crochet an afghan or make pillows or you can use your own ideas and make lots of items.

  Crochet is basically the process of hooking yarn or thread to make fabric. For those who don’t know, crochet is actually the French term for hook. It’s most likely made with the use of fingers. The art of crochet originally started 1500 BC. It is a sketch and a type of nun’s work. The early crochet hooks were made from bent iron shoved to cork handles, bone or sticks.

There are primary theories for the crochet’s origin. Others believe that its beginnings may be traced to Arab trade route, which originates in Arabia and spread to Tibet and Spain and some Mediterranean countries. The other theory places crochet in South America in which it was utilized as adornment in the puberty ritual of a primitive tribe.

There are several benefits of crochet that you shouldn’t miss. If you love crocheting, you can try the Northern Diamond Square of Torun Johansson. This crochet pattern is available in Basically, this pattern features a square with diamond overlay, which may be used for throws or blankets. Once squares are joined, there will be a circle that would appear. To do this pattern, you may use any kinds of yarn.