Medical & HealthFree Housecleaning For Women Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Free Housecleaning For Women Undergoing Cancer Treatment

This amazing organization helps to provide free house cleaning for any woman undergoing treatment for cancer.

Per their site ” Cleaning For A Reason is committed to providing the gift of a clean home, while you are undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. Our goal is to focus on your home, so you can focus on your health.

The foundation was officially formed in May 2006 as a Texas non-profit corporation. We recruit maid services that voluntarily clean your home free of charge.

We provide services in the United States and Canada. Our maid services take on two patients at a time, each of whom receives one general house cleaning per month for four consecutive months. However, we can’t always guarantee there will be an available maid service in your area.”



In the ABOUT US on the site you find the explanation of how the organization came to be.

” Cleaning for a Reason was the brainchild of President and Founder, Debbie Sardone, owner of Buckets & Bows Maid Service, Lewisville, TX. Debbie took a phone call from a prospective client several years ago. After providing the woman a price quote, the prospect paused before saying, “I won’t be able to afford that now; I’m undergoing cancer treatment” and hung up. Debbie hadn’t gotten the woman’s phone number and was unable to call back to make arrangements. In that instant, Debbie decided that no woman undergoing cancer treatment would ever be turned down by her business. In fact, they would be given free housecleaning service.

Calling her staff, Debbie announced the new policy, which the company has used over and over, through the years. In 2005, Debbie shared her story with other maid services at a national cleaning industry convention. She shared her conviction that it was these women, undergoing the physical, emotional; and financial rigors of cancer treatment, who needed professional housecleaning services the most. An onslaught of cleaning business owners began expressing their interest and support.

When she returned to Texas, Debbie registered Cleaning For A Reason as a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation. With word of this at the next convention, maid services began signing up to donate their services on the spot. Since that time, in 2006, Cleaning For A Reason has helped women with cancer receive the gift of over $4.5 million dollars worth of free house cleaning from approximately 1,100 maid service partners.”

Looking through the site you can also offer to help through donations or services. This is truly an amazing thing and I felt it was something we should help share to try to get the word out to women with cancer that may not have heard about this fantastic organization. Please help spread the word, to any women you may know to be undergoing cancer treatment or to any cleaning service you may own or  use to see if they would be willing to donate services to this worthy cause.


Click here to visit the Cleaning For A Reason Site

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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