Little Free Libraries and How To Become A Steward Of One


I think these little free libraries are such a neat idea. We have 5 of them in my town and one is only two blocks away. I can take the grandkids for a walk and they can get a free book or leave one they are finished with. I really think they read a lot more because the whole reading hobby is more fun than just reading. I see a lot of these are built and dedicated to a loved one that has passed and others are just because the steward loves books. What ever the reason check these cute little libraries out and if you would like to be the steward of a little free library head on over to scholastic and register. They will send you info and a charter sign, then you can either build your own little free library or they sell them there. They also have a list of all of the little free libraries all over the world with the addresses so if you are away from home and need a book you can check the map and see if there is a little free library near you. Happy Reading!








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