GardeningFree Printable Seed Saver Packets For Creating A Seed Bank

Free Printable Seed Saver Packets For Creating A Seed Bank

These free printable seed saver packets for creating a seed bank have blank spaces where detailed information can be written in. Seed saving is a way to grown fruits and vegetables varieties that you know that you find delicious.  It also saves tons of money by not having to buy new seeds each year.

Follow these step for storing seeds:

  • Keep seed packets in a glass mason jar and store in a cool dark place such as your refrigerator (as far from the freezer as possible).

  • Add a packet of silica gel or 1/8 cup rice in the glass mason jar along with seed saver packets.

  • Store all seeds gathered from a single year together and be sure to date them.

  • When ready to use, take mason jar from refrigerator and place on kitchen counter for 24 hours to bring up to room temperature.

You will have a better seed germination rate, if you follow these steps for storing seeds.

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Seed Saver Packets:

  • Type of seed

  • Date gathered:

  • Gardener:

  • Planting instructions:

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Melissa Francis
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