Food Storage & SkillsHow To Freeze Kale

How To Freeze Kale

We love kale and I grow a lot of it. I use the cut and come again method. We eat kale all summer and I freeze it so we will have it in the winter. I don’t know about your grocery stores but mine never have frozen kale. I can find spinach, mustard greens and turnip greens but never ever can I find frozen kale. When winter comes we eat a lot of soup in my house and Zuppa Toscana is one of our favorites and you add a lot of kale to it so I freeze kale mostly so I will have it for the soup. Freezing kale is fairly simple. There are a few steps to it but none of it is hard to do.

The first step is to put your cut kale in the sink with cool water so you can wash it. Don’t worry I scrub and then wash the sink with vinegar  before putting fresh produce in it so it is perfectly clean. Once the kale is in the water just swish and swish it till you know all the dirt has washed off. Then drain the sink and do it again with fresh water. Then strip the leaves off the stems, some folks cook the stems like asparagus and eat them . I just compost them.

How To Freeze Kale

The next step is to blanch the leaves. Bring a pot of water to a boil and drop the leaves in. When the water returns to boiling let the leaves boil for three minutes.

How To Freeze Kale

When the three minutes are up either drain the hot water off or use a slotted spoon to dip your kale out. I use the spoon so I can water the kale in the garden with this water once it has cooled. The kale goes back into the sink that you have ready with icy water waiting. This stops the cooking process.

How To Freeze Kale

Once the kale is cooled put it into a colander and let it drain well. I kind of gently toss the kale so that the water will drain off better. Then just put into freezer bags and date them. Put your bags of kale in the freezer and then when you need some frozen kale you will have it.  There you go, easy peasy.

How To Freeze Kale

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