Food Storage & SkillsFreezing Dry Beans, Quick and Easy Overnight Routine

Freezing Dry Beans, Quick and Easy Overnight Routine

Freezing dry beans,  quick and easy overnight routine tells you how to cook the beans in the slow cooker overnight and then freeze them in meal size servings. This article explains that buying canned beans you will pay 200% more for beans than cooking your own.

   We eat beans at my house a lot and I can beans in the winter but this looks like it would be a lot easier and as long as you have freezer space will serve the same purpose. We like to get and iron skillet hot and add a couple tablespoons of bacon grease then add the beans and one they are hot mash them with a potato masher then add some cheddar cheese to them and stir till melted and then eat them with tortilla chips. So yummy and satisfying.

   Home School High Plains shares the instructions on cooking and freezing the beans and they have a recipe for Black Bean Chili, yumm yumm.

Slow cooker pinto beans 

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