DIY ProjectsFrench Cleet Floating Bookshelf DIY Project

French Cleet Floating Bookshelf DIY Project

This homemade french cleet floating bookshelf DIY project is detailed in this step by step tutorial that an inspired homesteader with basic carpentry skills can build. Bookshelves are a wonderful addition to any room as they can hold almost anything you want to showcase with that room.

You can find many examples of bookshelves from the traditional ones to those that hang on the wall in several shapes and sizes. Some of the best ways to make any room feel like new or to give some storage to the walls is through the use of bookshelves. Since these can go beyond the basic holders of books, you will find your imagination running rampant with ideas of what your bookshelves can do for you.
French Cleet Floating Bookshelf DIY Project

When you are in the market to add some bookshelves to your home and do not want to spend tons of money, you will like the project that you will find below. Not only does this come with three shelves and a great top for added storage, you will find that your bookshelf can also dismount from the wall.

How is that possible?

Well, it’s through the French cleets you’ll build along with your bookshelf. They will make your bookshelf float, which is great for placing the shelf at a level that works for you. You do not even need much to complete this bookshelf that floats. In fact, you just need your choice of wood in six pieces (cut the length you want) and some screws to place the cleets on the wall for mounting. From there, you may want some sandpaper for smoothing and some stain or paint for color. Finally, viola, you have a nice, new floating bookshelf.

French Cleet Floating Bookshelf DIY Project

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